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  • Жанры: Электроника, Рэп и хип-хоп, Поп
  • Язык: Английский, Датский

Список текстов

Hands In The Air 2003
Throw Your Hands Up ft. OutKast, 8Ball, MJG 1999
Say It To My Face ft. 8Ball, MJG, Bun B 2005
You're Everything ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball 2018
Immaculate Perception 2012
So High ft. 8Ball, Trey Songz 2006
Bitch Get Down ft. Bun B, 8Ball, MJG 2020
Paid Dues ft. CeeLo Green, 8Ball, MJG 1999
Iceman ft. Young Buck, Scarface, 8Ball 2005
Middle Of The Night ft. 8Ball 1997
Put Your Hands Up ft. MJG 1998
We Started This ft. CeeLo Green, 8Ball, MJG 1999
All One Me 1998
Cruzin' ft. MJG, Three 6 Mafia, Slim Of 112 2007
Don't Flex ft. 8Ball, MJG 1999
Get It Crunk ft. 8Ball, MJG, Thorough 1999
No Pain ft. Don Trip 2012
Daylight ft. 8Ball, MJG 1999
Nobody But Me ft. 8Ball, MJG 1999
Intro 2002
Armed Robbery ft. 8Ball, MJG, Gillie Da Kid 1999
The Player Way ft. 8Ball, MJG 2012
Air Force Ones ft. 8Ball, Nelly 2002
Klunker 2009
What You Ride For? ft. Fiend, 8Ball, Yung Wun 2000
Klunker '13 2013
Sho Nuff ft. 8Ball, MJG 1996
Lady Gokker 2009
Hard Times ft. 8Ball, MJG, Carl Thomas 2002
It's Been so Long ft. 8Ball 2013
Gustav ft. Gustav 2013
Din Søster 2013
Ball And Bun ft. Bun-B 1998
Pure Uncut ft. Mystikal, Master P, Silkk The Shocker 1998
I Don't Wanna Die 1998
Let's Ride ft. MJG 1998
My First Love 1998
Drama In My Life ft. Psycho Drama 1998
The Artist Pays The Price 1998
Get Money 1998
If I Die 1998
My Homeboy's Girlfriend 1998
Stompin' And Pimpin' ft. MJG 1998
Down And Out 1998
This Is Dedicated ft. Phoenix Johnson 1998
Ghetto Luv ft. Busta Rhymes 1998
Lost 1998
Sesshead Funk Junky ft. 8Ball, MJG 2016
Tenn Points ft. Eightball, 8Ball 1999
Backyard Mississippi ft. Goodie Mob 1998
Bounce Wit Me 1998
360° ft. E-40, Rappin' 4-Tay, Spice-1 1998
All 4 Nuthin' 1998
Illicit Activity ft. 8Ball, MJG 1996
Washing Machine ft. 8Ball, Slim Of 112 2015
Time 1998
Coffee Shoppe ft. Redman 1998
Super Clean/Super Hard ft. 8Ball, MJG 2008
Put Tha House Onit 1998
Just Like Candy ft. MJG 1997
Starships And Rockets 1997
Shine And Recline ft. 8Ball 1997
Black Mac Is Back ft. 8Ball 1997
Don't Make No Sense ft. 8Ball, Fabolous 2015
Coming Out Hard ft. 8Ball, MJG 2019
Space Age Pimpin’ ft. 8Ball, MJG, DJ Screw, 8Ball, MJG 2016