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King Iso
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  • Жанры: Рэп и хип-хоп
  • Язык: Английский

Список текстов

Face Off ft. King Iso, Joey Cool 2021
Suckseed (Intro 2) ft. King Iso, Krizz Kaliko 2020
Jungle ft. King Iso 2020
Speed Of Darkness ft. C-Mob, Krizz Kaliko 2020
Do What I Do ft. King Iso, JL 2018
Dreamin' ft. Twisted Insane, Redro Killson 2014
Bad JuJu ft. King Iso 2018
Disparagement ft. King Iso, Krizz Kaliko 2019
I Think ft. JL, Wrekonize, Bernz 2020
G.I.’So 2020
Hit the Ground Running ft. JL, King Iso 2019
Green Lit ft. Maez301, King Iso 2019
TFB 2020
Tally Bandz 2020
Chopped Liver 2020
Requiem ft. Tech N9ne 2020
I Declare War 2020
Apparent Absence 2020
Edicius 2020
Manic 2020
Jealous ft. Mackenzie Nicole 2020
Cover The Scars 2022
Trippy Love 2020
Dog Tags 2020
Saw Somethin’ ft. King Iso, Krizz Kaliko 2020
Backwards ft. King Iso 2017
Stop That ft. King Iso 2019
Darker Energy ft. King Iso 2019
Euthanamerica 2020
War Zone 2020
What Do You Mean? ft. King Iso 2020
AWOL 2020
Weakened Dad 2020
Folded Flags 2020
Corrode ft. A-Wax 2021
Sick Thoughts ft. King Iso, Twisted Insane, Dikulz 2017
Packin ft. A-Wax 2021
Bad JuJu (Preview) ft. King Iso 2017
Mad For ft. A-Wax 2021
Spain ft. A-Wax 2021
Measure It ft. A-Wax 2021
Go Brazy ft. A-Wax 2021
Ran Em ft. A-Wax 2021
Flooded ft. A-Wax 2021
Tears Dry ft. A-Wax 2021
Slimy ft. A-Wax 2021
Omaha ft. A-Wax 2021