Текст песни Computer Rock - Beck

Computer Rock - Beck
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Дата выпуска: 17.06.1996
Язык песни: Английский

Computer Rock

I met you at JC Penny\nI think your nametag said Jenny\nI cool step to you\nWith a fresh pack of gum\nSomehow I knew you were looking for some\n(oh no!)\nLike a fruit that’s ripe for the picking'\nI wouldn’t do you like that\nZankou Chicken\n'Cause only you got a thing\nThat I just got to get with\nI just got to get\nGet with you\nAnd you know what we’re gonna do\nI wanna get with you (Oh girl)\nAnd your sister\nI think her name is Debra\nI wanna get with you (Only you girl)\nAnd your sister\nI think her name is Debra\nGirl, I only wanna be down with you\n'Cause you got something\nThat I just got to get with\nI’ll pick you up late at night after work\nI said lady, Step inside my Hyundai\nI’m gonna take up to Glendale\nYeah\nI’m gonna take you for a feel-good meal\n'Cause when our eyes did meet\nGirl, you know I was packing' heat\nAin’t no use in wasting no time\nGetting to know each other\nYou know the deal\n'Cause only you got a thing\nThat I just got to get with\nGot to get with\nI just got to get with you girl\nI wanna get with you (Only you Girl)\nAnd your sister\nI think her name is Debra\nI wanna get with you (Girl yeah)\nAnd your sister\nI think her name is Debra (Ohhhh)\n(Come on)\nOh lovely lady\nGirl you drive me crazy\nCrazy! (Oh girl)\nAnd you sister\nDebra\nYeah, you’re driving me crazy\nCrazy (Oh)\nYeah\nI got a little bit of sympathy for you girl\n(Yeah)\nCause I’m a full grown man\nAnd I’m\nNot afraid to…

Тэги песни: #Hidden Track

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