Текст песни Cassandra - The Crüxshadows

Cassandra - The Crüxshadows
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На данной странице вы можете ознакомиться с текстом песни Cassandra, исполнителя - The Crüxshadows. Песня из альбома Fortress in Flames в жанре Альтернативный рок, вышедшего в 2004-07-06.
Лейбл: Wishfire

Watching backwards as life like pictures
Stinging thoughts, born with phantoms
We danced above a world forgotten
Moments cherished… even now
A train-wrecked heart loves fairy tales
Singing from a gaping wound
However time has left unsettled
My memories play out of tune
You can’t unmake a cold mistake
You can’t undo the hearts you break
You can’t erase the poet’s fate
Not even if you try…
And she had Audrey Hepburn’s smile
With deeper sadder eyes
The only thing she said
«No one hears Cassandra cry»
Because the earth is standing still
And the truth becomes a lie
A choice profound is bittersweet
«No one hears Cassandra cry»
A heartfelt sorrow I believe
Offered this for passion’s crime
A crippled satellite trapped in orbit
My memories play out of time
You can’t unmake a cold mistake
You can’t undo the hearts you break
You can’t erase the poet’s fate
Not even if you try…
The listless price of my descension
Where emptiness has pulled me down
Cascading from my divagation
Below the frozen winter skies
Pythonic sadness unreleased
As serpents rigid in the cold
Waiting for the warmth of Sunday
Before the cruelty of growing old (growing old…)
Are you listening?
Are you listening?
Are you listening now?
Like Orpheus with hope entangled
Your path was mapped about your feet
Leading backwards into forgiveness
Or forward to a fool’s retreat
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