Текст песни Headroom - Don McLean

Headroom - Don McLean
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Дата выпуска: 24.03.2003
Язык песни: Английский


I need headroom,\nGot to have headroom,\nSome place to rest my head.\nI’m gettin' taller,\nThinkin’s gettin' smaller,\nTime is winnin' out instead.\nWell, I heard it on the news,\nThey’re selling everything they can.\nAnd the American flag\nIs manufactured in Japan.\nThey’re fightin' battles in the stars,\nThey’re pourin' billions into Mars.\nAnd layin' right there at my feet,\nThere’re people sleepin' in the street.\nGive me room, room, room, room, room, room.\nWell, I’m livin' on the farm,\nWhere chemistry has lost its charm.\nAnd every dusty wind that blows,\nIs burnin' big holes in my clothes.\nThey’re burnin' big holes in the sky,\nMakin' people wonder why\nWith all our land and sea and space,\nProgress is wreckin' every place.\nGive me room, room, room, room, room, room.\nWell, if you want an assen-ell,\nThe government will wish you well,\nAnd if you steal a million bucks,\nThe government will wish you luck.\nAnd they might even give you more,\nIf you’re makin' things for war.\nBut if you’re poor and stealin' cars,\nYou’ll spend your life behind the bars.\nGive me room, room, room, room, room, room.\nThey’re talkin' ethics on the hill,\nThey’re talkin' union at the mill,\nThey’re talkin' justice at the farm,\nThey’re talkin' safety in the car.\nThey’re talkin' murder in the states,\nThey’re talkin' cash to get a fix.\nThey’re talkin' virus in the bed,\nI’m talkin' room to rest my head.\nGive me room, room, room, room, room, room.\nI need headroom,\nGot to have headroom,\nSome place to rest my head.\nHeadroom Sözleri, AkorMerkezi.com'da yayınlanmıştır.

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