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The Jacka
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  • Жанры: Иностранный рэп и хип-хоп, Рэп и хип-хоп
  • Язык: Английский

Список текстов

Lights ft. K-Loc, Justo St Clare 2014
Driveway ft. The Jacka, DNYCE 2018
In the Ghetto (feat. The Jacka & Rankin Scroo) ft. The Jacka, Rankin Scroo 2011
No Hoe Remix ft. E-40, The Jacka, D-Lo 2010
True Mob ft. The Jacka, A-ONE 2018
M.I.P. Jacka ft. The Jacka 2017
Da Baddest Bitch on da Planet 2006
Thrones and Crowns 2006
Cruising USA ft. Freddie Gibbs, Styles P 2013
Pain Music ft. The Jacka, Carrey Stacks 2018
Aspen 2007
Get Out There 2011
Keep It Street ft. The Jacka, The Jacka and Berner, Equipto 2008
From The Hood ft. San Quinn, Jacka, The Jacka 2006
Everything You Got ft. The Jacka 2013
Cut It Out ft. The Jacka, L.I.S. 2015
Mary Jane ft. The Jacka, Joe Blow 2013
Babylon ft. The Jacka 2015
I Represent It [feat. The Jacka, San Quinn, Willie Joe, Dem Hood Starz, Laroo, Lil Hyfe & Drew Deezy] ft. The Jacka, San Quinn, Willie Joe 2010
Hella Dope ft. The Jacka, Erk Tha Jerk 2017
Mob Sh*t ft. 12 Gauge Shotie 2009
Barney 2003
Never Blink ft. The Jacka Feat. J Stylin & Dub 20 2005
Too Real ft. Cormega 2020
Girls Say 2005
No Future 2009
Fed Up ft. Young L, J. Diggs 2009
Hey Girl ft. Young Uzi, Kazi 2001
Girls Say #3 2006
Is That You 2009
Murder on My Mind 2006
The End 2009
Love U or Leave U ft. The Jacka 2016
Project Nigga ft. A-ONE 2016
Cry ft. Curren$y, The Jacka, Smiggz 2015
Sip My Pain Away 2018
See It Threw ft. Kae 1, Ampichino 2014
Say ft. The Jacka, A-ONE 2014
Chop ft. Berner, Ampichino 2014
Colder Blood (feat. The Jacka & Berner) ft. Berner, The Jacka 2009
Dope Game 2015
They Don't Know ft. Roblo, Freeway 2014
Combine the Coasts ft. Adam Sampler, Freeway 2014
Another Day ft. The Jacka 2009
The Rest Of My Life ft. The Jacka, Matt Blaque, Fatboy Chubb 2010
Say Jack ft. The Jacka, Reign 2020
Love How It Feels ft. Husalah 2001
Cuz I'm The Mack 2001
Million Miles 2001
Go Cop Whateva 2006
21 Gunz ft. San Quinn, The Jacka, Fed X 2013
From The Bay ft. Dee-Dee 2001
Murda Game ft. The Jacka, GAP 2016
Never Blink (Feat. the Jacka & Dubb 20) ft. Dub 20, J. Stalin 2007
Somebody Loves You ft. Liqz 2014
Live and Die ft. Stevie Joe, The Jacka 2018
20 Bricks ft. Laroo 2009
Walk Away ft. Liqz 2014
Storm 2017
Aquarius ft. Dubble-OO 2013
Pain ft. The Jacka, Seddy Hendrinx 2022
Got Ya ft. Cozmo, The Jacka 2019
Livin' It Up ft. The Jacka 2008
17708 ft. The Jacka, Joe Blow, Young Bossy 2009
Traffickin' ft. The Jacka, Lee Majors, Fed X 2009
Colder Blood ft. The Jacka, Fam Syrk 2009
Beside You ft. Najee, Lil AJ 2016
Coming Around ft. The Jacka, Boo Banga 2019
Better Than All The Rest ft. Dj.Fresh 2012
Get It In ft. The Jacka, Doonie Baby, Goldie Gold 2016
Party Jumpin ft. The Jacka, J. Stalin 2012
If It Ain't About No ft. Dj.Fresh, Lil Blood, Mitchy Slick 2012
The Jacka Blues ft. Dj.Fresh 2012
The California 2009
No Tears ft. The Jacka, D-Rek 2010
Man Say ft. K Koke, The Jacka 2018
Warriors ft. The Jacka 2016
California Gansta (Livin' it Up) ft. Fed-X 2009
Ridah ft. Kevin Gates, The Jacka 2018
Militant ft. The Jacka, Bo Strangles 2016
Cannon Out ft. The Jacka, Stevie Joe 2016
Sip the Pain Away ft. Philthy Rich, The Jacka 2016
All Over Me Bay Remix (Clean) ft. The Jacka featuring Matt Blaque, Messy Marv, Keak Da Sneak, Dem Hoodstarz & FedX 2008
All Over Me Bay Remix ft. Keak Da Sneak, Messy Marv, Dem Hoodstarz 2012
All Over Me Bay Remix (Dirty) ft. The Jacka featuring Matt Blaque, Messy Marv, Keak Da Sneak, Dem Hoodstarz & FedX 2008
Million Miles a Minute ft. The Jacka, K-Loc 2015
Money Shark ft. Andre Nickatina 2010
All We Do ft. Freeway, Nah'Liyah 2015
Hard In Here ft. The Jacka 2013
Ohh ft. The Jacka, Bo Strangles 2024
Go Cop Whatever 2008
We Outside 2020
Barney(More Crime) 2008
They Know What This Is ft. Paul Wall, Boo Banga 2020
Ask God 2020
Sicilian Breeze 2008
Da Underworld 2008
Not Dead ft. Husalah, Rydah J. Klyde 2020
Break Em Off ft. Ampichino, Fed-X 2008
Can't Go Home ft. Freddie Gibbs 2020
Never Worked 2020