Текст песни N4L - Cantrell

N4L - Cantrell
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Дата выпуска: 05.10.2020
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский


Real n****, trill n****, b**** n****, squeal n****-
N***** wanna kill N****, how you pose to build with ‘em?
Slaves to the whip and chain still, in the field with em?
Damn right, son gon' shine like I’m dill pickles
Tall n****, short n****, y’all’s n*****? Broke n*****
My homies' souls made of gold, rich poor n*****-
Caught ‘em in the parking lot, ran up on by 4 n*****
Funny how the light inside the barrel take ya glow with ya
Off that, bag a b****, hit and never call back
Hurt woman, Broke woman, I know I’m the blame for that
Bad dreams, no sleep, sins tryin' to coat snatch
Free-er than I ever been, friends can’t coach that
How I’m pose look inside? Mirrors all broken glass
Daddy never see his son, grow up with yo broken a**
Henny heal the deepest wounds, take a shot the pain will pass
Take a shot for lost souls knocked up off the train tracks
Face facts, we been on the porch with our gold on
Since Kunta family got stole on
Might be in a loft a robe on…
Adidas slide, white socks, slugs in, listening to slow songs, don’t judge me
I been gettin' it right…
Survey says I’m a n**** 4 life
Brodie he been gettin' it right…
Coming home soon that’s my n**** 4 life (ayyye look)
Cuz he been getting it right…
He just flipped a home that’s my n**** for life
Mama she been gettin' it right
Thorough to the bone that’s my n**** 4 life
They see you eat watermelon, call you a n****
They ain’t tell you that watermelon is filling
They ain’t tell you when the dollar crashes
The gold on yo neck will be a great way to feed yo children
Bear all these burdens Mowgli, act like you n***** know me
Know Who I’m coming with so I know that you n***** owe me
Ratchet and righteous wit' it I pull up in Hood & Holy
Snakes in the jungle wit' me just peep how the book’s decoded
With who I started with, me and Luke we’re like bible verses the way it was
written. For we…
Know that the dream is working, we come from that grandma loving
We come from land of perkys and where all the sprite be dirty, we lit
I been gettin right…
Survey says I’m a n**** 4 life
Deante he been gettin' it right…
Finally dropped the album that’s my n**** for life (ayyye look)
6 he got it right
Been a while since we spoke, but that’s my n**** for life (yeah)
The homies they been gettin' it right…

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