Текст песни Buttnaked - Gucci Mane

Buttnaked - Gucci Mane
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Дата выпуска: 10.12.2015
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский


I drop the top and now I got it buttnaked\nI flash a couple ones and now she buttnaked!\nI took the diamonds out and now it’s buttnaked\nIt’s worth a hundred thousand and it’s buttnaked!\n(Verse 1: Guwop)\nMy money doin' cartwheels and summersaults\nDon’t blame it on my car, it’s the summer fault\nI’m poppin' out the sunroof, peek-a-boo\nYour swag was last seen on the local news\nAnd I’m a nice guy but my wrist rude\nBitches wanna tie me up like new shoes\nThe necklace on my chest cost me 300 bonds\n200 thousand dollars, plus another one\n50 thou, I blew that shit\nLook how quick I ran through that shit\nWalkin' in the club like, «Who that clique?»\nLook how far I threw that shit\nBaby girl, let’s do it quick\nDamn I forgot I knew that chick\nPound of weed, I blew that shit\nWith the niggas that I make music with\nLil' mama come slide through\nTell your girlfriend she can ride too\nI live in a igloo, a condo with a side view\nDon’t get it confused, ain’t no regular dude\nThem 21's and 22's\nIt’s a Transformer, it’s a robot\nIt do everything I tell it to\n(Verse 2: Guwop)\nIt’s codeine mixed with Sprite but still we call it juice\nIsn’t it ironic that I’m smoking fruits?\nI’m coolin' in my cutlass, the guts baby blue\nThem 24's look like it got on Daisy Duke’s\nAnd even though these bitches say I’m brand new\nI fuck 'em then I go get something brand new\nI cut it off the top like a barber do\nAnd every day my crew gon' throw a barbecue\nOpen up the door, you get a better view\nI make it look real good but that’s what cheddar do\nI’m bankin' out on purpose like I’m shootin' pool\nI’m fresher than a lil' kid on the first day of school\nAnd cash rules everything around me\nIf you ain’t getting money get from 'round me\nYellow black forgislike a bumblebee\nAnd if she ain’t a dime she ain’t my cup of tea!

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