Текст песни Living In The Past - Midge Ure

Living In The Past - Midge Ure
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Дата выпуска: 21.09.2023
Язык песни: Английский

Living In The Past

Happy and I’m smiling\nWalk a mile to drink your water\nYou know I’d love to love you\nAnd above you there’s no other\nWe’ll go walking out\nWhile others shout of war’s disaster\nOh, we won’t give in,\nLet’s go living in the past\nOnce I used to join in Every boy and girl was my friend\nNow there’s revolution\nBut they don’t know what they’re fighting\nLet us close our eyes\nOutside their lives go on much faster\nOh we won’t give in Let’s go living in the past\nWords and music: Ian Anderson

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