Текст песни A Woman Don't Care - B.B. King

A Woman Don't Care - B.B. King
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Дата выпуска: 17.09.2011
Язык песни: Английский

A Woman Don't Care

You may be rich\nYou may be poor\nYou may be high\nOr you just may be low\nBut if you fall in love\nOh, and you should lose\nA woman don’t care\nShe don’t care who she gives the blues\nWo, you may be young\nYou may be old\nMaybe you’ve heard\nOr maybe you’ve never been told\nIf you’ve got a good woman\nOh, try not to misuse\nOh, a woman don’t care\nShe don’t care who she gives the blues\nShe’ll make you hot in the winter\nMake you cold in the summertime\nShe’ll make you feel young in the spring\nAnd in the fall drive you out of your mind\nA woman don’t you hear me callin' you?\nYeah woman, you don’t care\nYeah, you don’t care who you give the blues\nOh, you may be up You may be down\nYou may be short, tall, skinny\nOr you just might be round\nOh, don’t be too sure of your woman\nThinkin' man, that you can’t lose\nOh, remember that a woman don’t care\nShe don’t care who she gives the blues

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