Текст песни A Thousand Breathing Crosses - Monumentum

A Thousand Breathing Crosses - Monumentum
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Дата выпуска: 05.10.1995
Язык песни: Английский

A Thousand Breathing Crosses

En moi, battent de l’aile, Eternelles colombes,\nLes blancs desirs du calme ou dorment les defunts.\n(Paul Valery, from «Cimetiere» approx. 1890)\n(R.M.:guitar, bass, keys + M.C.:drums)\nTears of May…\nhow much I have cried for you, my love\nbut you stand-up,\nwhile I fall on my kness…\nYesterday, I killed myself:\nI couldn’t just go on with this.\nThe tears of June at least\nI won’t cry anymore…\n(Mia Martini)

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