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Numbers - Cbdb
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Дата выпуска: 29.10.2020
Язык песни: Английский


This story is a wonder
It fills your days
With numbers, sounds and colors
Way too brilliant for the page
I love that certain section
When the perfect song came on
That’s when you just started smiling
You said, «Nothing's wrong»
Every time I don’t, I almost do
Every time that I do
I almost didn’t see her coming from the right side of the room
Now I’m in love
It’s no surprise
It had to be
Dry your eyes
Come dance with me
Every time I don’t I almost do
It’s no surprise
It had to be
Dry your eyes
Come dance with me
We’ve been a long way
We can go farther
A veteran to change
But this could be the start of a brand new day
The clouds have parted
Not to say it won’t rain, but to shine down harder
Oh my god, I can’t believe
A love like this has come around and found me
Must’ve come in through the back door
I swear I couldn’t see
But has it gone too far?
Can it go too far?
We’ll just keep counting

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