Текст песни Chicken Every Sunday - Bobby Bare

Chicken Every Sunday - Bobby Bare
Информация о песне На данной странице вы можете ознакомиться с текстом песни Chicken Every Sunday, исполнителя - Bobby Bare. Песня из альбома This I Believe, в жанре Кантри
Дата выпуска: 13.03.2017
Лейбл звукозаписи: Originally released 1967, Sony
Язык песни: Английский

Chicken Every Sunday

Chicken every Sunday mama everything’s all right\nJohnny was just a little boy the day his daddy died\nAnd his mama had a hard time keepin' them both but the Lord knows how she tried\nAnd sometimes she’d tell him son we got heaven on our side\nThere’s chicken every Sunday Johnny everything’s all right\nAlthough he was just a little lad he never did forget\nHis mama special way of sayin' how their little home was blessed\nAnd sometimes she would said when she said her prayers at night\nShe’d bowed her head and said chicken every Sunday Lord and everything’s all\nright\nWell Johnny grew to be a man and his mama passed away\nAnd this fate would have happened Johnny’s the rich man today\nIn fact they held the dinner to honor Johnny’s name\nAnd with his fame and his riches you might think that Johnny had changed\nBut thirty rich men sat around and passed the golden cup\nAnd Johnny God bless his honor looked around and then stood up Thirty rich men bowed their heads and everything grew quiet\nAnd Johnny said chicken every Sunday mama everything’s all right\nChicken every Sunday mama everything’s all right

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