Текст песни Candle Burning - Hawkwind

Candle Burning - Hawkwind
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Дата выпуска: 12.12.2010
Язык песни: Английский

Candle Burning

My dream was of the candle burning\nIn the shadows life was falling\nDancing through the flame of learning\nSlowly hands reach out in jeering\nMan fooled to walk the candle burning\nAnd so here brought the life returning\nIn to darkness they where pretend I’m going\nIn to darkness they where intense I’m going\nThe other side shown an cary knowing\nInto the candle they overflowing\nFrom they skins where color showing\nA voice to me was something calling\nI was to tie you out there warning\nThen I awake and day was dawning\nMy dream was of a candle burning\nMy dream was of a candle buuuuurning

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