Текст песни Advice - Max Wells

Advice - Max Wells
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Дата выпуска: 10.06.2021
Язык песни: Английский


I keep on running from the truth
I got reminded but it’s hard for me to do
I’m talking farther then we choose
See me doin me just know it’s always been for you
And a stretch won’t slide
Always hard for me to take advice
Know I let you down but never meant to twice
Now it don’t feel right
How you know I kept it honest bout it now we running round around it
The way my pockets working but the price I gotta pay
I know today it rained a fit but i been tryna set it off
It’s in my head it’s hard to tell
Know me so well I found my cloud I rode it down for us
You took a piece of me with you when you left
Yeah you was right
Can’t go back to that night I won’t survive
I been way way way to indecisiv
& its been driving crazy
Even let it with no licens
Its been too enticing
I don’t wanna skate around
Spending all my days around it
Caught up in a daze it got me changing all my ways around it
Say it to my face, you got me
Feeling like a waste around me
Don’t what to say about it
I wonder what you gain with me?
I’m finding me and you don’t worry bout it
Never pleasing everybody
Using up my antibodies
Take too long with the time you bout to waste around me x2

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