Текст песни Tonight - Tokyo Blade

Tonight - Tokyo Blade
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Дата выпуска: 18.07.2010
Язык песни: Английский


Stands at the bar, just a glance away\nCould be she’s just a dance away\nPlaying games with her eyes\nWhat she does she don’t realize\nWants her so bad, she feels the same\nThey don’t make a move, they play the same game\nTonight, Tonight\nShe’s just a glance away,\nMaybe just a dance away\nTonight, Tonight\nThere’s no faking it\nThey’re gonna make it\nTonight, Tonight\nI bet before the night is gone,\nThey’re gonna get it on\nTonight, Tonight\nThere’s no faking it\nThey’re gonna make it\nYou’re gonna make it tonight\nNow he’s thinking if only she would smile\nI could move in, I’ll give her a while\nShe says to herself, what’s he waiting for\nWhy don’t he say what he’s come here for

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