Текст песни Mach 7 - Weathered

Mach 7 - Weathered
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Дата выпуска: 19.11.2020
Язык песни: Английский

Mach 7

Lift up your voices, let them be not distorted
You plot our courses, let us be now escorted
Into the moonlight, to a new constellation
Where we become bright, like a new creation
I want to leave behind my fading compassion
My impure mind and my overreactions
My sinful design, selfish satisfaction
My youthful crimes and unending inaction
In the middle of the night
I can see those ships come in
I keep dreaming of a season of endless autumn
But I can feel it drying up in the heat of th summer
Thinking about all the reasons that I won’t b safe
Do you feel it drying up in the heat of the summer?
Take whatever you can save
Leave the rest in the grave
And as for the ones who dwell in the caves
Make me brave

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