Текст песни Mac 'n' Cheese - LUCKI

Mac 'n' Cheese - LUCKI
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Дата выпуска: 29.05.2015
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский

Mac 'n' Cheese

Money and money\nBitch I’m out of here\nDifferent atmosphere\nThey all panic I’ve been out of fear\nI know my limits still passed\nDon’t look me in my eye\nLost that raffle\nEvery ticket worth a different price\nCame here Xanning out myself, bitch, I’m in disguise\nHit rock bottom here on Earth\nI’m cooling in the sky\nDon’t tell me that this real life\nDon’t pinch me yet I’m still high\nI wipe my nose of the blood\nreal life\nI’m 'bout to turn 19, getting old\nMan that’s irritating\nTold my momma I’d be out by now\nI kinda hate it\nFather said he’ll let me loose\nThen he gone find me later\nI’m high as fuck up off this Earl Sweatshirt and Max B\nTest him, show him money, rob him if he tax me\nYou ain’t heard lil homie\nBitch I’m that free\nCatch my drift, my whole front stashed in the back seat\nI’m assuming that I’m right\nI branched off, wasn’t enough leaves around\nAnd I’m boolin' by myself\nI’m smoking, waiting for the night\nThink I like this, I won’t rush it\nI’ll be patient for the night\nI know that I’m still a liar\nI know that you still don’t trust me\nKnow you think I’ll burn in fire\nRather be blessed than be lucky\nAnd that’s cool\nGot nightmares starring you\nYou know my mom, I know her too\nI’m her only bitch, and you just a «you»\ndon’t care 'bout school\nYou think rap made me phony\nThat’s just me being myself\nI get to show it now 'cause mu’fuckas actually care\nYou think rap made me phony\nThat’s just me being myself

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