Текст песни Ozone - Kid Trunks

Ozone - Kid Trunks
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Дата выпуска: 18.01.2024
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский


I can’t lie, people always try\nTo bring me down my ozone just so they can see my path (Can't take my blunt)\nI can’t lie, people always try\nTo bring me down my ozone just so they can see my path (Yeah see my Glock)\nI can’t lie, people always try\nTo bring me down my ozone just so they can see my path (Don't take my pride)\nNow on work, you better going back (Aye)\nI don’t work, you better going back\nOkay, Uh\nLight blunt, this shit full of skunk\nI got small, I chill with lil trunks\nSmoke vegeta, gas all in my lungs (Lil Uzi, Lil uzi)\nShe chew like gum, count so much blue thumb\nFuck for fun, fuck her once I’m done\nShe eat my cum, marry you cause you my sun\nCause boy you dumb, my diamonds they might shine like the sun\nThe\nThe\nAlright, they know I’m the one (the what?)\nThey\nShe put my dick all in her mouth\nSmoking that pound\nThat shit really got money\nLook at my rollie, that bitch was shinin'\nDon’t tell the tell\nShe shoot\nLook at my swag I’m drippin' Raf Simons\nOk this shit is from '03, I been in it, but I do not take no pictures like\nThis is a rari lil bitch not a Honda\nSo better take of your shoes we going inside\nI know a know a lot\nCause you really think I’m gonna bite (No)\nThrow that pussy for free\nLook at my pockets they flowing with cheese\nShe ask to suck me she on her knees\nNo bitch you too old, I could fuck on your niece\nLook at my sauce and my swag a disease\nYou’ll be lucky if you got the sneezes for me from A to Z, I got B’s\nI told your bitch that I rock with the G’s\nLet’s go\nUh, they-they won’t back like\nhit back (Uh)\nI don’t want back like sit back (Uh)\nI don’t want to fuck that lil bih hit that back like ten (Uh)\nYou don’t want all of that smoke (Uh)\nYou getting all that told (Uh)\nI don’t wanna bend that hoe (Ooh)\nEnd of snippet

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