Текст песни 5am Freestyle (All Nighter) - Duwap Kaine

5am Freestyle (All Nighter) - Duwap Kaine
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Дата выпуска: 01.04.2020
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский

5am Freestyle (All Nighter)

«All Nighter»\nMy nigga, it’s five o’clock in the morning right now\nCan’t even sleep (I don’t know why I don’t sleep)\nAll my sleep deprived niggas, ride\nGoing fast, Paul Walker\nI ain’t have my strap, so I hit 'em with a walker\nAnd I got a fast car, no, I’m not a walker\nAnd I do this shit that I rap, I’m not a talker\nLook, I got the walker from my grandma\nCoolin' on the west side, nigga, R.I.P my grandma\nAnd I’m moving slow, like a muhfuckin' grandpa\nFace fucked up, man, I need to hit the damn spa\nWho the fuck got a charger in this bitch? Damn, my phone died\nTalking too much on FaceTime, she got me occupied\nAnd I rolled a fat-ass J, got me occupied\nThe bitch so useless, she can’t even cook a fuckin' pie\nShe do everything wrong, nigga, she can’t even fuckin' lie\nPolice know I’m high when they look inside a nigga eye\nI don’t fuck with bitches, lil' baby, it’s just you and I\nAnd I’m real sorry when I really made you fuckin' cry (Goddamn)\nShe say she need Perc' ten, yeah, her tabs low\nLook, and I got a dog at home, I gave it Alpo\nAnd I take shit, so, you could call me repo man\nAnd she said she a fan of me, so she stan\nAnd this blunt got me high as a bee, I can’t stand\nI stand up for myself, 'cause I know I’m a man\nCan’t stand up by myself 'cause the lean got me dead\nHe don’t like alcohol, but I put shots in his head\nHe like, he like, «I fuckin' hate Hennessy»\nHe don’t fuck with none of that Hennessy shit\nHe don’t like CÎROC, Tequila\nTe-quill-a? How you pronounce that shit? I don’t give a fuck, nigga (I don’t\ngive a fuck 'bout that shit)\nI sip Hi-Tech, fuck you talkin' 'bout?\nLook, Wockeisha, add that Wockeisha (Good drank)\nIt’s five thirty-three, nigga, I just be up (All nighter)\nLook, lil' bitch, that’s that Wockeisha (All nighter)\nAnd I got a bad ass bitch named Keisha\nShe want Italian food, she say «Pasta», I got a pizza\nLook, and I paint a picture with this Glock, Mona Lisa\nI think she think she Beyoncé since I called her a diva\nAnd that bitch talkin' 'bout nonsense, so it’s so easy to leave her (Damn)\nYeah, that Glock breathin'\nNiggas be sweet like sauce, nigga, Polynesian\nAnd I think there’s pollen outside, 'cause a nigga sneezin'\nAnd I saw that I was sneezin', so I went to leanin'\nLook, come on, I got some Hi-Tech\nAnd I got a bitch that fix phones, she so high tech\nShe asked me for money, I hope that was a high text\nShe asked me for money, I don’t like the concept\nFlex them fours, that’s what I rep\nChoppa hit his ass, hit his throat, now he got strep\nDamn, damn, I don’t sip green (I lowkey do)\nAnd I got a pint from Walgreens, I need seventeen\nAll this ice on my neck, I’m the sailing team\nThree diamond chains on me\nCall it «Lil Boat 3»\nI’m from the four, I got niggas that rep six and three\nYou bought them Off-White shoes but really, they some fuckin' cleats\nSippin' on purple, like a nigga 'finna eat a beet (Fuckin' got a vegetable)\nThen I hopped in the studio, then I ate the beat\nJust be yourself, 'cause it’s not okay to be street\nThat bitch a vegan, 'cause she say she don’t eat meat (Uh)\nPull out that choppa, different ball game\nIf I had a lil' brother, I’d go to his ball game\nAcne, Ksubi, I don’t like Balmains\nShe said «Buy me some rubies», she said that I’m balling\nTwo Glocks, Max and Ruby\nYou smoke Swishers, call you Nudy\nPass the gas like «Excuse me»\nYo' bitch say I’m a cutie\nUsed to be at the Q-team\nIn the A, smokin' on a QP\nAfter I finish this song, 'finna finish smokin' this doobie\nSlide on niggas up in vans, call me Scooby\nPull out that Glock, then that shit get real spooky\nDamn, nigga, I really just shut down on it

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