Текст песни Sweet Lobotomy - Avulsed, Autopsy

Sweet Lobotomy - Avulsed, Autopsy
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Дата выпуска: 31.10.2016
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский

Sweet Lobotomy

Searching Through The Gloomy Night\nAn Innocent Young Student\nMainly Girls, Mainly Gays\nThey Are The Weakest Preys\nLurking In The Darkness\nSurprising Them From Behind\nA Hard Strike On The Head\nSnatching Their Consciousness\nThe Corpse Must Be Alive\nWhile He Takes It To His Home\nThen Bound To An Armchair\nDown In The Basement\nShaving The Head\nAnd Drawing Pattern Lines\nRight Over The Skin\nWhere To Make The Cut\nOpening The Skull\nExposing His Brain\nThe Victim Is Still Alive\nShrieking In Pain\nA Spoonful Of Grey Mass\nSweet Lobotomy\nShaving The Head\nAnd Drawing Pattern Lines\nRight Over The Skin\nWhere To Make The Cut\nA Spoonful Of Grey Mass\nSweet Lobotomy\nIt’s His Debility, A Delicious Caprice\nOnly Reserved To Privileged Minds\nEvery Neuron Must Be Alive\nRight From The Skull To His Mouth\nAll His Knwoledge Will Be Increased\nEating The Biggest Amount Of Brains

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