Текст песни Kane - Chief Keef

Kane - Chief Keef
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Дата выпуска: 01.03.2018
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский


Glo Gang\nYou know how we rocking\nYou niggas scared to glo up, man\nThat’s fucked up, man\nGet off y’all ass, man\nStop hating, man\nYou see us shining, man\nAll diamonds off grinding, man\nFuck them goofies niggas\nFake ass niggas acting like they hitting stains, nigga\nNow catch y’all ass, I’m blowing brains, nigga\nAnd that’s on my dead homies, nigga\nYou know how I’m rocking, nigga\nI’m Tadoe, nigga\nI’m out here everyday, nigga\nMenace to society like Kane\nMenace to society, I’m whipping kane\nMenace to society, I got that kane\nMenace to society, I got that kane, got that kane\nGot that menace to society\nGot that menace to society, got that kane\nGot that menace to society, got that kane\nMenace to society, got that kane\nGot that kane for your brain\nGot that candy cane for your main\nHeard she sniff coke\nI just sold yo bitch coke\nI just sold yo bitch dope\nSay she like smoking dope\nSay she like deep throating big balls\nAnd you know Almighty a big baller\nI be flexing in that big toy\nI call him my lil big boy\nAnd my dick, that’s a big boy\nShe hop up on it like a big toy\nYou know you ain’t with the shits, boy\nYou know you ain’t toting clips, boy\nBeen had clips, been extendeds boy\nBeen had fifties, boy\nNow we got the Russian chopper\nSend yo dumbass to a Russian doctor\nSend you to a Russian opera\nDumbass had no business playing Russian Roulette\nFuck niggas killed Blood, now they dodging bullets\nFuck nigga want war, y’all can get it\nCome to Illinois bitch, y’all can split it\nBitch we got beef boy, and chicken\nBitch we got 30 30's and 10 10's\nBitch we got dirty 30's that we giving away\nWe got Luger birdy birdys that we giving away\nWe got 223's with the weed and hit your face\nSend my youngins to your block\nAnd you know they got them chopper\nLet the bitches go grrah, tah\nRunning down your block, buck\nPussy nigga\nYou ain’t getting no pussy, nigga\nYou ain’t got no thot\nYou don’t drive no car\nYou ain’t got no house\nYou live with your mom\nGo and get you some\nFuck nigga, go and get you one, mill\nBitch I got a movie deal and I feel it

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