Текст песни Calico from Mehico - Summrs

Calico from Mehico - Summrs
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Дата выпуска: 26.06.2022
Возрастные ограничения: 18+
Язык песни: Английский

Calico from Mehico

I rather dress up my nina, she gon' fuck me soon as she see me\nI’ll put you up, give me a reason (Give me a reason)\nFull of that syrup, got me leanin'\nOn the top floor, clutchin' the calico (Clutchin' the calico)\nFuck you, boy, I’ll let it go (Let it go)\nHigh as fuck off of these medicals (Uh-huh)\nYou is so broke, I’ma let you know (Do it, yeah-yeah)\nBlowin' up premium Texaco (Uh-huh)\nLocked in with some niggas from Mexico (Yeah)\nGive that lil' pussy some fentanyl (Mexico)\nAll of my niggas some bulldogs (Bulldogs)\nBook bag off this football\nThat calico go through any walls (Calico, calico)\nCartier frames, I ain’t seeing y’all (Calico, calico)\nStandin' on business, I stand tall (Calico, calico)\nYeah, fuck it, 5.56 at his nugget (Fuck it, 5.56 at his nugget)\nFuck it, up it, if he don’t hit my ass, he in trouble (Hit my ass,\nhe in trouble)\nChange the subject, fuck it, all these drugs gettin' smuggled\nAll these bitches gettin' hit, all these niggas gettin' spinned (All these\nniggas get spinned)\nThe last nigga supposed to get spinned, call Sosa, see how it went (Call Sosa,\nsee how it went)\nI’m straight, but he got me bent, dumb nigga died on fent' (Bent,\ndumb nigga died on fent')\nLil' nigga tried to keep up, tryna keep a cup but can’t pay rent (Can't pay for\nrent)\nThis bitch came over to vent, how the fuck she end up hit? (Yeah,\nhow the fuck she end up hit?)\nNigga can’t tell me shit, bitch can’t tell me shit\nLil' bitch, I’m rich, I keep a pole, I’m fishin' (I'm rich, uh-huh)\nNigga can’t tell me shit, look at my wrist (Can't tell me shit)\nLook how that bitch is drenched, look how much money I spent\nLiving a sin, bitch, I gotta repent, Dior pants with no lint (Dior pants with\nno lint)\nLook at that bad lil' bitch, like how her ass just sit (Uh-huh, like how her\nass just sit)\nCatch me in traffic, bitch, I got that static, bitch (Bow-bow)\nI got that ratchet, bitch, I’m with a ratchet bitch (Bow-bow)\nLook at my fabrics, kid, you can’t afford this shit (Bow)\nI want a Maybach truck sittin' on Forgi’s, bitch (On Forgi’s, bitch)\n(Uh-huh)\n(Double R, bird business)

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