Текст песни The Cypher - Soul Elements, Daniel D.

The Cypher - Soul Elements, Daniel D.
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Дата выпуска: 03.01.2018
Язык песни: Английский

The Cypher

If you got bars you can spit\nCome and get of piece of this. Young guns thinking that they tough\nWe calling out your bluff on this one. Six guns\nCock back the hammer and we hit you with six tons\nMentally and verbally, luckily\nI’m tired of the frauds, the fakes, the phonies and the fuckeries\nIn videos they gangsters with guns with red lasers\nBut soft on the streets so I applied Occam’s Razor\nI got burned by Char! i smel! Villa\nR u r rac? a Ram? i rezone\nAim and I shoot like free throws\nI dethrone any muthafucaz trying to step inside my peace zone\nYes, Virgina there is a Santa Clause\nA man, a plan, a canal, Panama\nYou’re clearly confused. It’s seriously funny\nBut if eels of rust rated… decipher that, dummy!\nQuiet on the set. I can hear the sound hissing\nSo act naturally and you won’t be found missing\nWhen we done with you, you’ll be standing at best\nThe only thing you have outstanding is debts\nThe worst oxymoron. Your whole style’s mismatch\nEverybody trying to get renown off of diss tracks\nWe stone cold stunners\nSo take this L peacefully and you might not turn up\nFace down in the dead winter\nI got more kotter’s than Hov, Tunechi and Linda\nI know it’s spelled different and they ain’t related\nBut act like you know or you just might get faded\n(Daniel D.)\n(Joe Whitney)\n(MASO)\n(Blazin' Up)\n(Derinoo)\n(Chris Tyrone)\n(SouL Elements)\nMake them feel pain\nCounterfeits bills don’t make real change\nBeing gangster ain’t the shit that you lie about only\nAnd we beat the earth wind and fire out phonies\n(Dad intro)\nAfter my dad died, he visited me. I woke up in the night and wrote this poem.\nI still don’t have a title, though\n(Dad poem)\nI dreamt of you this night and in my dream I cried\nI woke myself from out that dream and went to wipe my eyes\nBut then I came to realize that there was not a tear\nShould this be how I cry for you and show I wished you here?\nI love you more and more each day and things that used to matter\nAre unimportant suddenly. My heart beats rhythmic patterns\nWas this your way to send your love and say «Goodbye» to me?\nA weakness I must overcome to let you Rest In Peace

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