Текст песни I'm Sick - Foxx

I'm Sick - Foxx
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Дата выпуска: 01.10.2007
Язык песни: Английский

I'm Sick

Ha chu excuse me bless my cough\nBeing that clean should be against the got damn law\nStep off in the club baley make my ass to the bar\nEverybody wanna holla so I guess I’m a star\nAnd my fit owww so sick\nPatna you can’t offord it so just get off of my dick\nAnd neck piece nothin but a sex piece\nMy wrist game gimme brain\nMy ear game make em chu chu run a train\nI’m so trill with it\nIf you don’t like the way Lil Foxx rock kill yoself cause you gon have to deal\nwith it\nI’m not a stunna\nI’m a show off\nAnd I ain’t seen a mill yet just wait you gon really see me go off\nMy chain got a cold, my watch go the flu\nMy whip got cancer and my rims got it too\nMy fit got a fever I mean that shit\nEverything I own I swear it’s sick\nWhy these niggas keep a hatin on me\nIs it the ice I rock are the money I see\nThe big fine bitches are the hundreds I see\nThe 4's on the rove are that old skool thing\nThe coogi are the gucci

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